IDD Portfolio Management

Fall 2020

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Student links:

  1. Create a student portfolio notification account.
  2. Log-in to notify the department of your intent to present your portfolio this semester.
  3. Update your notification form with the URL of your portfolio as soon as it is available.
  4. Soon after your Portfolio Oral Exam, complete a "Graduating Student Survey" to share your opinions about the IDD program.

Faculty links:

  1. Release advisee portfolios for departmental review
  2. After the portfolio meeting, submit the evaluation of the student.

Portfolio Guidelines

All IDD Portfolio Guidelines (K-12 and non-K12) are available in the IDD Handbook:

Critical Dates

Fall 2020
Notification Deadline:
Information needed for complete notification includes the names of your graduate committee, and your preferences for the date/time of the portfolio oral exam meeting..
Portfolio Submission Date (for Advisor Review):
Your advisor or reviewer must verify that your portfolio is ready for departmental review (e.g. contains all required sections and artifacts; writing quality acceptable, etc.). Give your portfolio to your advisor or reviewer sooner if you think you will need more time to make any necessary revisions.
Portfolio Submission Date (for Department Review):
If your portfolio is not ready for departmental review by this date, as determined by your advisor or reviewer, you cannot graduate this semester.
Portfolio Oral Exam Dates: